Though the market has slowed quite a bit in recent months, some buyers are still purchasing homes without seeing them in person, and for good reason.
Most of them are buying from afar, up against the stiff competition, or on a tight timeline that puts acting quickly above all else.
Whatever the reason, there are ways to be prudent about it. Are you considering a sight-unseen purchase? Here’s how you can minimize your risk.

Do Some Additional Research

We can go over the home’s history and the local market together, but you can supplement that by seeing if the property and surrounding area are a good fit for your lifestyle. Sign up for local social media groups to get a feel for the community, and look up the street view to get a better idea of the neighborhood.

Keep Safeguards in Place

Buying sight unseen is a risk, so don’t let other guards down if you can help it. It’s recommended that you keep your inspection contingency, ensuring you’re not stuck with a property with real (and often costly) issues. Including appraisal contingencies and financing contingencies in your offer is also a smart idea.

Stay in Touch

We’ll stay in contact regularly, so you always have access to the information you need. If you want video home tours and photos, we can make that happen too. Be sure to provide any feedback on properties in a timely fashion, and get in touch as soon as possible should your timeline, goals, or budget change. We’re in this together.
Looking for a new property? Whether or not you’re ready to buy sight unseen, please reach out for all your real estate needs.

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